Characters In Mario

Character Information Picture
Mario The famous video game character in the world character in the world. He used to be called jump man, but now he is Mario and is loved throughout the world. Mario is the face of nintendo. Picture of Mario
Luigi Luigi is Mario's twin brother. He is taller, a bit faster, and skinnier. He came out to the world in 1983 to be played as a second player in Mario Bros to be Mario's sidekick. Then he came out in almost every other game with Mario, sometimes he even has his own personal games. Some like Mario is Missing, Luigi's Mansion, and Luigi's Mansion:Dark Moon Picture of Luigi
Toad Toad is just a citizen of the mushroom kingdom(Where Mario Lives). Sometimes he can be played as a character for multiplayer in some games. There are many types of toads and of all color.
Picture of a Toad
Princess Peach Princess Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She always gets captured by the evil villain, Bowser. That's why Mario always has to save her from evil. Sometimes in multiplayer games you can play as her if she is not captured.
Picture of Princess Peach
Bowser Bowser is the evil villain that always captures the Princess to keep her for his own. He is rarely ever played as by a character because nody wants to play as a villain. Picture of Bowser